Controlling the level of concentration gas on facility.
IR supplies equipment for measurement level of concentration gas of territory industrial enterprises

IR carries out installation of measuring equipment, connectivity and visualization of measurement in real time.

IR offers for the supply and installation of different systems of measuring and signaling the concentration of gases such as brand Sigma M.

 Figure. Placing sensors of gas control  in pumping station


Purpose: Measurement and control of safe concentrations of flammable gases and vapors, such as methane, propane, gasoline vapor and other combustible hydrocarbon compounds in the atmosphere of air or nitrogen. When the gas concentration exceeds a predetermined level, formed the alarm light, a sound signal and control signal.

Application: Approved for Rostekhnadzor RF in hazardous areas and spaces classes BI, B-Ia and B-Ig according to the marking of explosion protection («[Exib] IIB» Remote and "1EhibdIIVT4" sensor). In accordance with the operating instructions, Sigma 1M set in the pumping station, on tank farm at the gas station, along utilities network, on warehouses flammable liquids, for gas and oil-producing and processing plants and other facilities that require continuous automatic control of the content of hydrocarbon vapor explosion compounds in air or nitrogen with archiving the results.


  • Information panel and external sensors of the gas control;
  • The explosion-proof design (Information panel - «[Exib] IIB»; sensors - "1EhibdIIVT4");
  • Information panel in a metal case in desktop / wall


  • Digital display for measurement results;
  • Executive relay "dry contacts";

    • Programmable alarm limit;

    • Port communication with external devices via RS-232, RS-485;

    • Software for archiving and graphic display of measurement results;

    • Up to 8 external sensors on of one Information panel ;

    • Two-wire communication line remote with external sensors;

    • Sensors in the cast housings silumina or ABS;

    • Ingress protection of the sensor from the penetration of solid objects and water IP-54;

    • The ability of the flange connection of the sensor;