The system filling petrol in tanker.  Visualization, automatic control of the process filling, homing device filling the tank without operator.


Brief description of the objects included in the system.

It is proposed  system  filling petrol  in tank, volume control when pouring, a automatic control of the process filling, homing device filling the tank without operator.
Objects included in the system  (drawing 1) :
- Filling device- the system includes: pipes are connected by hinges for prompting the flow of oil to tankers, counter of petroleum products, filter and shut off valve. Filling device is connected to the pump. Can be supplied the new filling device or modernization of the existing.
- A pump for pumping oil from pipelines  the tank farm in the filling device. The pump is connected to the pipe of the tank farm. Can be supplied the new pump or use an existing one.
- Automated Operator Workplace with the help of software and hardware complex,  allows  visualize the process filling and manage it in real time. Software and hardware complex designed for manual and automatic control filling device and collect information about its work.
 Functions of the system


 The system in real-time visualizes the data on the operator panel:
-       about the volume of fuel and about levels fuel  in   the tanker;
-       about the state of the pump (on / off, temperature of the body);
-       on the state of the shut-off valve (open, closed, accident);
-       on the status of the filling device and hatch a tanker in the selected reference system;
-       about the emergency and alarm
The operator using the touch panel in real time can managing  - valve, pump,   position filling device. 
System operation can be performed automatically in accordance with a predetermined algorithm servicing and to avoid of emergency and abnormal situations. Envisaged
acknowledgment abnormal situations and reporting documentation. 
 Automation tools.
If the composition of the existing filling device includes a pump shut off valve, fuel counter, pivotally connected system of pipelines during modernization the system completed only with two systems:
 - Computer vision system, designed for video registration nodes tanker trucks and pipe the filling device and measuring the coordinates of control points of the filling device. The system includes: XG-7002 controller, the camera XG-N035M, touch panel CA -MR 120 T Prospect Island Keyence ;
- Pump control, shut-off valve, actuator guides of pipelines filling device. The control cabinet includes Sinamics S110 and controller  S7-300 CPU 317-2 PN / DP,  Siemens. 1FK 70 servos, sensors, pressure and temperature, touch panel MP 277 Siemens;

Оptional equipment

 If the composition of the existing filling device does not contain (pump, shut-off valve, fuel counter, the system pivotally connected pipelines), the system is completed with optional equipment:
- Filling device  (brand according to the customer);
- Fuel Counter. Possible to use the following equipment according to the customer: PРV; Endress-Hauser; Micro Motion Elite; Krohne; Yokagava; Satam
- Shut-off valve (brand according to the customer);
- Рump (brand according to the customer);
 Arrangement, and assembly automation equipment.
 The camera  XG-N035M is located above platform location tank truck and installed using embedded parts. XG 7002 controller is installed in the vicinity of the loading device with the help of embedded parts. 1FK7 Sinamics S110 servo motors are mounted on the filling device, with the help of embedded parts.
Block UPS, controller SIMATIC S7-300, control modules CU 305 power modules RM 340, modules of the ADC, relays, barriers  protection  are placed in the control cabinet.
ARM operatora- includes touch panel CA -MR 120 T with the downloaded software - XG-H7NE2 (XG Vision Editor) and a touch panel Siemens MP 277  with the downloaded software - XG-H7NE2 (XG Vision Editor) WinCC flexible 2008 Standart.

 Interface control system