The company is installing (upgrade) automation systems, as well as, the service maintenance of existing systems.
 The automatic control system for unit ventilation and air conditioning  apply to the following objects:


- Pipelines for water heating system (cold supply);

- Pumps for water heating system (cold supply);

- Capacitance for water heating system (cold supply);

- Valves with electric actuator for water heating system (cold supply);

- Heat pump (compressor) for the heating system (cold supply);

- Air ducts for ventilation systems;

- Fan for ventilation system;

- The air valve with an electric drive for the ventilation system;


The system is designed to:


- Remote, continuous control and visualizing the parameters for the ventilation system, heating and air conditioning;
- Visualization  for air parameters (temperature, humidity);
- Fixation deviations parameters (temperature, humidity) against given values. Statistical data processing, development of the optimal mode of operation;
 - Remote control of  pumps water, heat pump (compressor), valves with electric drives , fan for ventilation system, air valves, including in case of emergencies;
- Graphical presentation of information on the state of the system, the ability to acknowledgment emergency situations, granting assistance and advice in a critical situation;
- Formation of reporting documentation;
- Reducing the negative impact on the environment, costs of production, identification of preemergencies conditions before they happen;
 The system includes:
- Air temperature and humidity sensors in indoor and ducts with the secondary devices;
- Magnetic starters and frequency converters for electric motors pumps, compressors,  ventilators and electric valve actuators;
- Sensors for gas concentration control in the premises with secondary devices;  
 -Control cabinets with controllers;
- Cabinets for secondary devices;
- Distribution cabinets, electrical  for the automation system with built-in electrical equipment;
    - Аutomated workstation for the operator of system, organized on the basis of the personal computer (РS). On the PC installed software  -SCADA system as well as software for the controller. For example for the SCADA system is used WinCC software integrated with the software STEP 7 for S7-300 controller, made in Siemens. The operator real-time receiving full information about the state of the equipment and process, as well as manages the process.