IR Group performs engineering, construction and installation work on the automation and electrical supply to the following industrial enterprises:

 Warehouses inflammable and explosive liquids and gases:
  • Technological installations primary distillation oil and refining of petroleum products;
  • Technological installations for thermal and catalytic cracking of petroleum products;
  • Technological installations catalytic reforming of petroleum products;
  • Technological installations Hydrotreatment of petroleum products;
  • Technological installations of Petrochemical industry;
  • Technological installations of Energy industry;
  • Filling stations

 The implementation of a multilevel embedded microprocessor control systems         

 The company provides the following services:

  • Development of the project embedded microprocessor control system for a variety of technical devices, machines and equipment;
  • Development of printed circuit boards of embedded  control system, the selection of a microcontroller, microprocessor and chipset;
  • Production of  printed circuit boards of embedded control system; 

 Fig.1 (printed circuit board with a microcontroller for embedded control systems)          Fig. 1.1. (Circuit - chipset microcontroller, LCD display for embedded control systems )


The development of the source code (program) for microcontrollers and microprocessors embedded system including:

  •  controller port management program;
  • devices input and output,  management program;
  •  management program of the microcontroller interface modules (UART, CAN, etc.);
  • Program implementation of  interfaces for data exchange -Ethernet CAN, Modbus, Hart, Prothibus the protocols of different layers of the OSI model;
  • Loading executive module (native code) in the Flash memory of the microcontroller;
  • Debugging the program for the microcontroller;
  • Development of documentation and selection of equipment (PLC, servers, Cross cabinets, etc.) for the top-level management;
  • Software development for PLC top-level management and visualization;
  • Installation and commissioning work, the creation of a global a multilevel object management system.

 Figure 2. Schematic of a global  control system of various devices - with embedded local №1-№7 management system 

 Devices with embedded microprocessor control system include - CNC machines, multifunctional equipment (fuel dispensers), power plants (turbines, compressors), distribution cabinets and control electricity, ATMs, POS terminals, medical equipment, vehicles, aircraft, telecommunications equipment etc.

 Figure 3 CNC                                                               Fig. 4 Wardrobes distribution                                                      Fig. 5 Generator set



The company carries out diagnostics, repair and commissioning for dispensers filling station.

 Testing  the control systems, without dismantling the equipment, for dispensers


 Software installation and debugging                                                            Repair Management System for dispenser


 IR provides the following services for Automation:

- Management of pumping equipment, valves with electric drive, the mechanical devices with servos. Control of process parameters with alarm and process visualization and control actuators;
- Installation and connection of the field equipment (temperature sensors, level measurement system in vessels, tanks and piping, pressure sensors, gas analyzers, flow meters, etc.);
- Assembly and integration of control cabinets in the composition (controllers equipment, relays, terminal blocks, etc.);
- Broaching and connection of control cables;
- Creating automated workplace of the operator of a managed object. Workstation includes a PC with a software (SCADA system) designed to provide real-time, systems for collecting, processing and displaying, and archiving information processing equipment the entire facility, as well as to ensure real-time control of actuators and mechanisms of the managed object.


 Figure -  Interface Workstation tank farm operator


Figure - Interface Workstation Operator Refinery



 IR makes the following types of construction works on the external and internal electrical supply:

- Device and connecting high-voltage of equipment (recloser, transformer substations, etc.).
- Device of electrical networks up to 10 kV;
- Device and connection of electrical power equipment (pumps, valves electric) and lighting equipment;
- Assembly and assembly of power distribution boards in the composition (distribution busbars, circuit breakers, terminal blocks, electromagnetic actuators, etc.);
- Broaching and connect of the power cables of the external and internal electrical supply;